Day 1

08 May, 2023

Day 2

09 May, 2023

Day 3

10 May, 2023

Speaker Sessions Will Take Place on 9 & 10 May

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  • 16:00 - 20:00

    Networking Blitz Opening Party

    Location: Sandton Convention Centre Ballroom 1 Foyer
09:45 - 10:00

Welcome to FMAS:23! | Opening Keynote

Welcome to the very first Finance Magnates Africa Summit!
Tasneem Motara
MEC Gauteng Department of Economic Development
10:10 - 10:30

Fireside Chat with FSCA | Fintech & Regulation in Africa

Despite economic and political challenges, fintech industry in Africa is booming requiring businesses, entrepreneurs and end users to keep up with the trends. No doubt, regulatory frameworks have a significant role in this fast-paced fintech evolution in the continent. In this Fireside Chat with Awelani Rahulani, Head of Fintech Department at FSCA, we will dive deep into financial regulators response to the fintech developments and beyond.
Awelani Rahulani
Head of Department: Fintech Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA)
Gareth Cliff
10:40 - 11:20

Industry Leaders Talk Opportunities for All

Amid a looming recession and a gloomy economic outlook, the industry is looking for new revenues streams. Can Africa offer an answer? In this session, industry leaders identify the biggest opportunities in financial services and offer informed predictions. Don't miss out on an insider's view into the trading eco-system. How does regulatory consolidation in “offshore” regions affect global brokers? Where are we on the path to true multi-asset trading and what do clients want? Which products from funded accounts to personal finance are businesses looking into? What is the leading brokers’ strategy for African markets?
Wei Qiang Zhang
Managing Director ATFX UK & ATFX Connect
Mario Singh
Founder & Chairman Fullerton Markets
Amar Ramith
CEO TD Markets
Andreas Kapsos
CEO Match-Prime Liquidity
Damian Bunce
Chief Customer Officer Exness
Andrea Badiola Mateos
Chief Commercial Officer Finance Magnates Group
11:30 - 11:50

Fireside Chat by | Bryan Habana Talks Agility in Sports & Trading

Discipline. Strategy. Skill. After years spent as one of the world’s elite ruby players, Bryan Habana understands all 3. In this exclusive ‘fireside chat’, you can hear how Bryan’s now taking the same psychological mastery that made him such a success on the field, and applying it to the world of business, finance and trading. He’ll be talking attendees through some of the deciding moments in his remarkable career, and what it is like being one of the world’s most successful rugby players. So, whether you’re a trader or a rugby fan (or both) be sure not to miss this one-of-its-kind event!
Bryan Habana
Rugby Champion & Brand Ambassador
Solomon Gouden
Country Manager - South Africa
12:00 - 12:40

Fintech in Africa: Opportunities in Financial Services

With the world’s fastest-growing middle class but 90% of transactions taking place in cash, the potential of fintech in Africa is clear and substantial. In this session, experts and entrepreneurs will share where we are now on the path to fintech adoption in Africa, and signal out opportunities and challenges along the way. • Payments: does the current infrastructure allow growth? • What changes await in P2P lending and investing? • How should governments foster wider fintech adoption? • What is fintech's role in energy and other crises?
Meagan Rabe
Senior Director of Fintech Management - SubSaharan Africa VISA
Mpho Sadiki
Head of Real Time Payments BankservAfrica
Chantal Maritz
Partner | Strategy & Payments Transformation PwC
Paul Harris
Country Manager - South Africa Flutterwave
Andres Felipe Perez
Co-Founder / Director Fintech Association of South Africa
12:50 - 13:10

Workshop | Market Logic: A Rational Approach to Trading with Technical Analysis

The subject of technical analysis can be broad and in some instances quite subjective. In this session, IG Senior Market Analyst Shaun Murison, will take traders through some preferred tools to help remove this subjectivity and highlight key market logics, trends, while also gauging levels volatility to use your favour.
Shaun Murison
Senior Market Analyst IG Africa
13:45 - 14:05

Workshop | Online Trading in Africa

Ref Wayne will address both the retail and institutional trader, starting with a brief presentation on his top-down framework and trading approach to the financial markets. Thereafter, he will analyse the growth seen in the continent over the last decade and list ways to maximise brand exposure for the brokerage.
Ref Wayne
14:15 - 14:55

The Global Economy, African View: Facing Financial Distress

Join leading market experts for a deep dive into today's economic landscape, outstanding investment opportunities, and the fundamentals across African countries. How is Africa faring in the global economic downturn and where the big opportunities are? What role does China play in Africa’s development, and what is the local sentiment? Which sectors are best positioned for growth in a today's economy?
Samantha Singh
Africa Strategist RMB
Jimmy Moyaha
Founder & Financial Markets Specialist Lebowa Capital
Elke Brink
Bcom | CFP Wealth Adviser & Director PSG Wealth R21
Tshepo Modiba
Chief Investment Officer Cannon Asset Managers
Adam Button
Chief Currency Analyst ForexLive
15:05 - 15:45

Market Opportunities: Where's the Alpha in Q2?

Are you a day trader or going long term? Technical analysis or fundamentals? We have got you covered with a rare opportunity to hear leading market analysts and experts as they share their insights into the markets in Q2. - How far will Central Banks go with interest rate hikes and how should you prepare? - Which sectors should you look into to diversify your portfolio? - Is Gold a safe haven from economic upheavals and instability? - What to make of Bitcoin's explosion in 2023 and where is it headed?
Roger Eskinazi
Key Individual Tickmill
Sai Sanjeeviraj
Business Development Manager
Ted Odigie
Head of Sales Vantage - Africa
James Hughes
Group Head of Marketing Scope Markets
15:55 - 16:25

Fintech Security

This session will discuss the latest cyber trends and threats in the field and will offer an outstanding opportunity to share knowledge, ideas, insights and thoughts that will help to develop effective strategies to address the different Cyber challenges in the financial field. Session brought to you in collaboration with Cybertech.
Daniel Adaramola
CISO SunTrust Bank Nigeria
Dawid Jacobs
CEO & Identity Management Specialist Diverse Authentication Library (DAL)
Jon Hamlet
Chief Revenue Officer & VP of Sales CYBERSOC AFRICA
Amir Rapaport
Founder | Co-Author Cybertech | Cybermania
  • 09:30

    FMAS:23 Doors Open

    Location: Sandton Convention Centre Ballroom 1
  • 10:00 - 16:30

    Speaker Sessions

    Join insightful discussions with top-notch experts at the Centre Stage!
  • 18:00

    FMAS:23 Doors Close

    Location: Sandton Convention Centre Ballroom 1
10:50 - 11:30

Make it or Break it for Brokers in Africa & Beyond

Many trading firms and service providers set their sites on Africa as a driver for growth. This session will provide an insider’s look into the most crucial aspects of the trading business development in the continent, and beyond. Join a host of experts to gain access to some money'making tips. - Which assets, tools, and features are most appealing to local traders? - How to work productively with local IBs and affiliates (and stay compliant)? - How do liquidity relationships work across markets and regions? - What developments do you need to know about in the FSCA and other regulators? - What developments do you need to know about in the FSCA and other regulators? What developments do you need to know about in the FSCA and other regulators?
Nick Sproule
MD – South Africa Trade Nation
Solomon Gouden
Country Manager - South Africa
Nelisiwe Masango
Founder & CEO Ubuntu Invest
Mark Weetman
CEO & Key Individual Unum Capital
Joseph Michael Stephani
Head of Africa Region HF Markets Group
Jimmy Moyaha
Founder & Financial Markets Specialist Lebowa Capital
11:40 - 12:10

Session Powered by XM | Unlock Your Potential: Trade Your Way to The Top

Get ready to unlock your potential in forex trading in this session 'Trade your way to the top'! powered by XM. Our expert panellists have been there, done that, and are eager to share their best tips, tricks, and strategies for success. After this discussion, you’ll become an expert in: Navigating market volatility Analysing technical and fundamental factors Managing risks like a pro Plus, you'll hear about the exciting rewards of forex trading, like the potential to earn big profits and living YOUR LIFE on YOUR TERMS. With the latest technology, trading platforms, and educational resources at your fingertips, we'll help you turn your trading dreams into reality. So, get inspired and motivated to seize the opportunities of forex trading to achieve financial freedom. Don't miss this chance to take your trading game to the next level!
Avramis Despotis
Founder & CEO Tradepedia
Reino Deetlefs
Chief Instructor Africa Tradepedia
12:10 - 12:50

Payments Across the Continent: E-Volution in the Making

Payments in Africa are in a phase of transition, as fintech operates atop a fragmented and, at times, outdated infrastructure. But growing mobile adoption and expanding networks create a vast potential for the sector. Join entrepreneurs and experts to understand the present and future of the African Payments landscape. - How does the African payments ecosystem stand apart? - Are governments doing enough to improve “payment railroads”? - How do financial services firms and retail investing operate in Africa?
Brad Gillis
Head: Payments Africa Regions Standard Bank Group
Catherine W. Muya
Head of Digital Payments Absa Bank
Nimrod Cohen
COO Zotapay
Andrea Badiola Mateos
Chief Commercial Officer Finance Magnates Group
13:30 - 13:50

Workshop | Macro Conviction: Stop Messing Up Your Best Ideas

Winning trade ideas are everywhere, so why is it so hard to win at trading. The element that separates a good trade idea from a goldmine is conviction. How do you find the faith to let the winners ride? In this seminar, Adam Button will expose the traps, show you how to identify them and give you the tools to beat them, along with his best ideas for right now. But a warning, while you can borrow his trade ideas, you can’t borrow his conviction, you’ll have to develop your own.
Adam Button
Chief Currency Analyst ForexLive
14:00 - 14:40

Trade GPT: AI and Innovation in Trading Technology

The latest breakthroughs in generative AI have taken the world by storm, and the world of trading is no exception. In this session, seasoned experts will share the impact they see on the industry, and reveal the tools, features, and platforms they are building to make brokers and clients prosper. - What chat GPT3 and 4 can, and cannot, do for traders and industry participants? - How can fintech firms utilize the new AIs to increase efficiency? - What has been achieved in automation and what is yet to come? - Which trends will define 2024 in retail trading?
Yakubu Teri Ishaku
CEO/ Founder Kwakol Markets
Wassim Khateeb
Chief Commercial Officer FXCUBIC
Cristian Vlasceanu
CEO Centroid Solutions
Ran Strauss
Founder & CEO Leverate
Ankit Shah
Global Head of Fintech GTN
14:50 - 15:20

Crypto in Africa: Crypto Continent in The Making?

Despite the shockwaves of the FTX collapse, the African crypto community is constantly evolving. Join a host of visionary entrepreneurs to understand the unique challenges, use cases, and vast potential of crypto in Africa. Can cryptocurrencies become a significant asset class in Africa? What do African countries aim to accomplish with stablecoins? How can regulation accelerate, or damage, adoption and innovation? How is bitcoin affected by market stability and where is it headed?
Olubunmi Fabanwo
Manager, Binance Africa Affiliate Program Binance
Alice Tomdio
Chief Financial Officer Yellow Card
John Lombela
CEO & Founder Axalio
Chris Becker
Managing Executive, Cyber Banking TymeBank
Alexander Belov
Founder Coinstelegram Media & Fund
  • 10:00

    FMAS:23 Doors Open

    Location: Sandton Convention Center Level 2
  • 10:50 - 15:30

    Speaker Sessions

    Join insightful discussions with top-notch experts at the Centre Stage!
  • 16:30

    FMAS:23 Doors Close

    Location: Sandton Convention Center Level 2
  • 16:30

    Sunset Session Closing Drinks

    Sandton San Deck