Maximise your business matchmaking with the world’s leading Networking App

Get ready to make valuable connections at FMAS23 with the help of Brella, the ultimate matchmaking platform.

Whether you’re looking to network with other businesses in the fintech, crypto, payments and online trading industry or connect with potential customers, Brella makes it easy to find the right match before the event even starts.

This app allows you to effortlessly plan your schedule and connect with the most relevant individuals for your business. Whether you’re an affiliate or an IB seeking new business opportunities or a broker looking to grow your network, Brella provides a platform for direct and productive connections.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity, start your matchmaking journey today.

With the app in your pocket, you will be able to:

  • Create your personal profile and showcase your interests
  • Find matches according to your area of interest and business category
  • Create private chats with attendees
  • Send requests to meet during the Summit
  • Plan your agenda ahead of time
  • Add speaker sessions to your calendar
  • Research the brands you are meeting ahead of time
  • Get to know all the sponsors and exhibitors at the event


Beginning of May, you will receive an email from FMAS, inviting you to join the community with a unique link. You will be able to accept the invite to the event by entering the join code or clicking on the direct join link.

You can access our event App by downloading the Brella app on your phone OR using our Web App. Whether it’s iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows phones as well as tablets, laptops, and more.

When you join Brella, you will go through a set of onboarding actions to ensure your event profile and networking preferences are set up.

  • Interest Page – choose your matchmaking categories to network and find relevant people at the FMAS23. This feature will help you to better align with what you’re looking for at FMAS, with more diverse business networking opportunities.
  • Profile Page – you are welcome to write an introduction and add your country of operations.
  • Look for the invitation email from Brella – there you will have your magic link for login to the system:
  • Search for an email from with the subject “Your invite to  Finance Magnates Africa Summit”
  • Click on the button “JOIN THE EVENT”
  • Or simply copy and paste the code into the app
  • Edit your information
  • Press Save Changes at the bottom
  • Your Account is updated
  • Go to the Event Home page
  • Navigate to the right top corner of the page and click on the arrow next to your name. Then select Edit Interests
  • Then you’ll be prompted to the category list where you can choose new interests and unchoose the ones you need. Once ready, save the changes
  • This feature can help you to better align with what you’re looking for at an event, like more diverse networking opportunities

The first step before meeting your potential business partners onsite is to set your networking availability:

  • Go to the ‘Agenda’ page,
  • click on ‘Networking Availability’ under Filters. There you will be able to click on the open checkboxes, one by one, to disable your meeting slots

Communication through meeting rooms

  • You need to suggest, accept or decline a meeting; As soon as one meeting request is accepted, Brella will create a virtual meeting room for you. This meeting room will allow you and +3 colleagues or partners to gather and chat with the other party. You can test the Brella meeting before the meeting occurs
  • You can invite up to three people to a virtual meeting. (Max. Four people can join a virtual room)
  • Once you accept a meeting or get accepted, you can test it immediately
  • You can attend the meetings through the web app or mobile app

How to suggest a meeting?

  • Go to the ‘People’ tab from the left navigation. That’s where you’ll see your best matches
  • Click on ‘Suggest Meeting’ on the contact. This person’s profile will open with their availability to network during the event. On the right side, you can see your time and your match’s local time to ensure the time is suitable for both of you
  • You’ll be shown a text box before sending out the request when you select a time. Think of this like a homebuyer’s letter. It’s your chance to personalize your message and increase your odds of your request being accepted
  • After sending the meeting request, your match can accept, reject or cancel the meeting. You can find your chat and Brella’s meeting room on the upper side of Brella (message icon)
  • This time slot will be occupied until the match reacts (accepts or declines) to your request
  • You can use Meetings filter in order to find your meetings on the Schedule

Bookmarking sessions are an easy way to track your favorite keynotes, panel discussions, and other sessions. By bookmarking sessions, you can synchronize your personal calendar with your Brella event calendar: go to the Agenda page, then scroll down and click on Calendar sync at the bottom of the right side menu.