What to Expect & How to Make the Most
Out the Virtual Summit
Don’t miss any opportunity to connect with the industry at the show!

Participating in a virtual conference can bring great results to expanding your business, from the comfort of your chair!

Make sure you explore every chance to connect, learn and engage! Here’s what you can expect and how you can utilise every feature to your advantage.


This is your go-to place to access every perk of the show - exhibition hall, auditorium for speaker sessions, networking lounge, info desk and resource centre.


“Walk” through the exhibition hall and click through the exhibiting brands’ booths. Inside each booth you will find information, useful links and a direct link to speak to booth representatives.


Apart from connecting to brands directly via their booths, you will be able to fully engage through the Networking Lounge and Chatrooms! Join in the public rooms as well as dedicated chats. Enjoy chat, audio and video networking!


This is your go-to place to quench your thirst for knowledge! The Auditorium will host two session rooms - The Speaker Hall and Workshop Room. Each room providing you with top-notch sessions on the most prominent industry topics, brought to you by leading industry speakers in online trading, fintech, digital assets and payment tracks.